Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Home Inspection?  A Certified Home Inspection is a visual, functional, non-invasive (without moving personal property, furniture, equipment, plants, soil, snow, ice, or debris), inspection conducted using the mandatory equipment and including the preparation of a Home Inspection Report of the readily-accessible elements of the following components of a residential building: structural components, exterior components, roofing system, plumbing system, electrical system, heating system, cooling system, interior components, insulation components and ventilation system, fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances, or any other related residential housing component, excluding recreational facilities and outbuildings other than garages or carports to determine if MATERIAL DEFECTS exist. The Certified Home Inspector applies his years of knowledge and experience to evaluate the present condition of major components of the house.The Certified Home Inspector will then report on the condition of the home as found on the date of the inspection, and will make recommendations to repair, replace, monitor a system if marginal, or recommends further evaluation of a system to determine the true condition. A Certified Home Inspection should not be considered to be an insurance policy against future damages or damage from concealed or latent conditions that may be present when the home was inspected. There may be conditions that are not identifiable at the time of the inspection because they do not immediately show themselves as problems, but instead progressively deteriorate and require repair or replacement at a future time.

Why should I have a Home Inspection? A home inspection provides you with information about the structure, services, components and mechanical equipment of the home you are about to purchase. It will help you to make a more informed buying decision.

Does the age of the home matter? Absolutely not. Workmanship, quality of materials, appliance recalls, poor or no home improvements, non-professional work are just some of the things that can affect a home regardless of age.

What can I do to get ready for an inspection? Work with your Realtor and the seller to schedule the best and most convenient time for you to have the inspection. Prepare a list of any questions or concerns you may have and bring them with you to the inspection.

Who will do the Home Inspection? Your home inspection will be done by a Certified Licensed Home Inspector who has been trained to perform the inspection and testing services you have requested.

Should I be present at the Home Inspection? Absolutely yes! You should be there if at all possible. We consider the Certified Home Inspection to be an educational experience. Your Certified Home Inspector will answer any questions that you may have, which can only happen when you accompany him on the inspection. Our Home Inspection Report will cover all aspects of the home that are part of the Certified Home Inspection, and will provide a description of the system or part of the home, its current condition, and recommendations for maintenance, repair, or replacement if needed. However nothing can replace being there and seeing for yourself.

How long will the Home Inspection take? The average home inspection usually requires about two to three hours. For larger homes our inspection will take longer. Also, if additional services are to be performed this will add time to the inspection as well.

What kind of Home Inspection Report is delivered? Our Home Inspection Reports provide a detailed narrative style written report that is custom written for your property. The report includes digital color photos of the inspection. To see a sample of a  Home Inspection Report simply click on the Our Services button at the top of this page and click on the Sample Inspection Report button. 

What is included in the Home Inspection Report? Your personal Home Inspection Report is a narrative, detailed, informative, comprehensive, document that discloses those systems and components which are designated for inspection pursuant to N.J.A.C.13:40-15.16 and are present at the time of the inspection, as well as those which are present at the time of the home inspection but are not inspected and the reason(s) they are not inspected, (ii) describes systems and components as specified in N.J.A.C.13:40-15.16 and states what MATERIAL DEFECTS are found in systems or components, (iii) states the significance of findings; and (iv) provides recommendations regarding the need to repair, replace, or monitor a system or component, or to obtain examination and analysis by a qualified professional, tradesman, or service technician.

When will the Home Inspection Report be ready? Reports are usually ready in three business days after the inspection. The Reports are normally mailed to you, however to save mail delivery time reports can be emailed or faxed.

Is an Inspection Agreement required? Yes, by law it is. This document protects you by detailing the services you agree to have performed and clarifying how they are to be conducted. Our inspection agreement protects you by fully disclosing our services and limitations. In accordance with N.J.A.C. 13:40-15.15, a NJ Licensed Home Inspector must have a signed inspection agreement before he can conduct an inspection.

How much does the Home Inspection cost? 
Please call for a price quote for the property you need inspected and the services required. A good home inspector takes their time, educates the client, answers all questions truthfully and devotes the time to produce an informative and accurate home inspection report. Your home and the investment in it is too important to cut corners on a quality home inspection.